4th Newsletter

Project News

April | 2022

The Project Digital Innovation for Young Students, with number 2020-1-EL01- KA201-079029, is co-funded by the Erasmus+

DIGITALIS training activities in Cyprus

The DIGITALIS teaching methodology and tools have been used on 92 primary education students in Cyprus. The training activities took place in February 2022 with the support of
STEAMers private school, reaching 75 students from 23 schools around Cyprus. Additionally, 17 students from one public school were trained and used the DIGITALIS methodology and tools.
Young students, teachers and parents embraced the DIGITALIS project and most importantly the children had a great time and shared with us innovative ideas that made us feel that the future of all of us is in good hands. Equally important is that teachers embraced the projects’ proposed tools and customize the
proposed training activities to the needs of their students maximizing the impact of the developed methodology and tools. The students had the ability to talk with real entrepreneurs and ask them questions, while entrepreneurs shared their experiences with the students becoming role models for them. The students also played the DIGITALIS serious game, strengthening their skills, knowledge and competences.

DIGITALIS training activity for primary education teachers

The DIGITALIS training activity for teachers took place on the 2nd and 3rd December 2021. Teachers from the partner countries (Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France, and Romania) had the ability to know the DIGITALIS project and its outputs. The teachers were trained on the developed training framework and tools that they will use in their classroom to train their students.