Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1

Core Competence and Pedagogical Framework

The objective of this Intellectual output is to develop the educational framework and model dedicated to primary education students ages 8-12. The model will emphasize on the development of specific skills and competences that are essential in today’s knowledge-based society and economy.

Intellectual Output 2

Game-based approaches: Serious game

Within this output, a serious game will be developed to promote game-based learning (GBL) experiences to primary education students. The serious game will allow the students to practice their skills within a safe and friendly environment and will have the ability to reflect on their performance during the game maximizing their knowledge and skills.

Intellectual Output 3

Open Calls, implementation and impact assessment

The objective of this output is to investigate the effectiveness of the methodology and training assignments (IO1) and the usability of the educational Game (IO2). This will be achieved through the establishment of the evaluation framework and the identification of the tools (qualitative and quantitative) to be used to investigate the impact of the game tool.

Intellectual Output 4

DIGITALIS Best Practices Guidelines

The DIGITALIS Best Practices Guidelines, will summarize the experience gained throughout the project, the methodology and guidelines along with the training resources and tools developed and implemented. The best practices handbook will reflect on the project’s outputs and impact of the development of key competencies on primary education students, while it will be open-source so that any teacher in the future can implement it ensuring also the sustainability of the game tool.